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Kid Size

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Clothes sets Size(cm)

70Tops Length:31Bust:50Waist:36Pants Length:37.5Advised Age:0-6 Months

80Tops Length:33Bust:52Waist:38Pants Length:40.5Advised Age:6-12 Months

90Tops Length:35Bust:54Waist:40Pants Length:43.5Advised Age:12-18 Months

100Tops Length:37Bust:56Waist:42Pants Length:46.5Advised Age:18-24 Months

110Tops Length:38Bust:58Waist:44Pants Length:50Advised Age:2-3 Years


Romper Size(cm)

70 Length:37Bust:50Suggest Age:0-3 Months

80 Length:39Bust:52Suggest Age:3-6 Months

90 Length:41Bust:54Suggest Age:6-12 Months

100 Length:43Bust:56Suggest Age:12-18 Months

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